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BMC Guitar Effects DIRT BOOST!

The BMC Guitar Effects DirtBoost pedal is the first BMC Guitar Effects pedal offering. It is a multifunctional boost/line driver pedal that can deliver up to approximately 20db of boost, BUT not the same way the standard clean boost and other line driver types do!

This pedal was designed to be able to handle multiple roles from boosting clean and drive channels to being able to be used as a drive channel clean up and volume reduction tool for the single channel amp users.

The typical tube amp guitar player is a fickle human being and tone chasing is ALWAYS on the agenda. Why? because I myself am one of those tube amp guitarists. I wanted a pedal that could fill a multi-role capacity, not just a clean boost like most other pedals. This pedal is the result of years of prototypes and testing live and in the studio. Its flexibility for a multitude of situations is what sets it apart from the run of the mill booster pedal.

The DirtBoost is currently UNAVAILABLE for sale as this model has been discontinued and is no longer available. The pedal is to be superceded and is currently being re-designed as a clean boost to medium gain overdrive pedal which will include dual footswitches, one for on and off and the FATTEN mode switch will be revisioned as a footswitch and will include the addition of a limiter option plus pedal moved to a larger format box (a BB size pedal).

BMC Guitar Effects DirtBoost pedal

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  • Two stage discrete JFET boost stages giving around 20db voltage boost (compared to a normal guitar output, that is a LOT)
  • Gain control to set levels between stage one and two. The more gain between stage one and two, the more DIRT you get
  • Volume control set overall output levels as most boosts can get loud (especially on clean channels)
  • Fatten toggle switch to enable or disable second stage bottom end boost. This also adds extra dirt / fluff and grit to your tone.
  • Presence toggle to select between three modes of treble bleeding for tone tweaking.
  • Choice of ultra bright Blue or Red L.E.D
  • Ordered pedals only otherwise RED will be the default
  • Sturdy stage 3PTD professional foot-switches hand wired for true bypass.
  • Larger than standard 125B aluminum die cast container
  • Uses 9v DC Negative tip boss style adapters, no batteries!
  • All electronics are hand wired onto a HAND-MADE and HAND ETCHED PCB circuit board

How the pedal works

The guitar signal comes into the circuit via one of the poles on the foot-switch. When engaged the signal is sent to the first stage of the boost circuit. This part of the signal boost lifts the signals voltage. As this was never really meant to be a clean boost, this stage is designed to overdrive when pushed hard giving the guitar signal some extra grit, fluff or "DIRT". This is the typical response from a standard single stage JFET booster that is common on the market.

Once the signal is boosted it is sent via the GAIN control to the second stage JFET booster which is similar to the first stage but is more meant for added volume boost plus it will also bring the signal back into phase compared to the initial signal. Single stage booster leave the box out of phase compared to the input and I didnt want that effect on my original signal.

The first gain stage hammers the second gain stage causing a very mild overdriven like sound but thats only when the pedal is maxed out, but that is not the pedal purpose. When using the gain control, as the gain between stage one and two is reduced, this increases the impedance somewhat in the same manner as if you were turning down your VOLUME control on the guitar and it has no treble bleed capacitor. This descrease volume between stages causing the trebles to "roll off" a little bit as the gain approaches the 10pm position. This "tone down" like effect coupled with the reduction in gain is great if you own a single channel tube amp and you want a simple, effective way to "clean up" your tone.

Presence Selection

This treble roll of caused by reducing the gain control can be compensated by using the presence toggle. It allows you to select a bypass capacitor that routes higher frequencies around the gain controller. This acts like a presence control that lets you add a little top end treble bleed to the signal. This signal shaping capability is great for using the pedal as a volume CUTTING tool or signal gain staging tool that lets you add an extra level of sheen to the signal when working with lower GAIN control settings.

Fatten Switch

Does what it says on the tin, it FATTENS up the signal. Adds a bit of extra girth to your tone and some extra dirt and grit. If you want a cleaner signal, increase the gain and switch out the fatten. Still gets a fatter tone but with one stage pushing the other harder rather than the FAT circuit.

All electronics are hand wired onto a hand-made and etched PCB circuit board designed specifically for the BMC DirtBoost. The pedal is tested thoroughly before leaving the workshop to ensure that the pedal leaves in a 100% working order so that the guitarist who owns it is 100% satisfied with my work.


Please note that RESULTS will differ with solid state amplifiers. This pedal was designed for TUBE amplifier users in mind and results may vary for solid state and digital amplifiers. Solid state amps with tube pre-amps may have better results than those without. Also note, this is not a distortion pedal. Yes it DOES clip and distort when driven but this is not like playing a Tube screamer or other overdrive pedal types.

The Price is UNAVAILABLE as the pedal is currently undergoing a re-design

DirtBoost Artists

The Stanley Knife from Australian metal band, Dead Kelly

I use this pedal currently as part of my rig for my Progressive Fusion/ Jazz-Metal band, The Cilikis. The pedal has been apart of my live rig for a number of years used in a boost capacity.

Audio Demonstration


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