Here is a cool guitar riff that I remember was the "IN riffs" that people were loving when I was learning guitar.  It was one of, if not, the coolest opening guitar riff I've ever listened too.  Not many people could play it in our school so I was determined to learn it and I listened to this songs intro over and over again until I got it down. 

(I remember some mates of mine who'd been playing the guitar longer than were jealous that i'd learned it so quickly after I'd only been playing guitar for 3 months at the time! Hah fun times)

This riff is the opening riff to Scatterbrains classic, Don't call me dude! Note that this only the first 1/2 of the riff as the next two measures have a rest between them


You can play this riff with a pick but if you use hybrid picking techniques, this riff seems to flow a lot better.

This whole song is full of killer guitar riffage and is a lot of fun to play.  It wasn't too many years after this song was released when this funny "anti guitar" thing started to occur with new music.  Being a super guitar was no longer a requirement in popular music.  There was no need to be the gun guitarist any more, you just needed to be able to play the thing and write cool music.  Guitarists that did still like complex riff writing and interesting song structures still existed and put out lots of great music but as the 90s progressed, the gun guitarist in modern bands became a thing of past. 

In hindsight, its not actually bad that it occurred as the music put out by labels and bands weren't all that bad just not as guitar-centric as it used to be.  There was some great music being put out, it just was a little more "accessible" to people learning the guitar.  They didn't need to be a super player to play their favourite music.  That's not to say that Don't call me dude was that complex, it wasn't, but it was definitely a challenge to some