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About Brendan and BMC Effects

Hi there and welcome to my website, I have been playing and teaching guitar for over 27 years. I offer a range of guitar teaching services for students skill levels from beginner to advanced and on demand music writing, production and mixing services. I am based in Birkdale Queensland.

me me me Live at MUDU 2014

In the past few years or so I have has been designing and building my own line of guitar special effects pedals ranging from guitar compressor / limiters to clean boost pedals and various other designs like distortion and overdrive pedals. Ive had to put BMC Guitar Effects on hiatus due to work/life commitments but will be back as soon as humanly possible.

In 2010 I released a collection of instrumental MP3's ive recorded over the last 10 or so years in my spare time as a compilation called Guitar Madness. You can download or stream a copy from

You can join on Facebook by clicking here and also you can follow on Twitter here for live updates and information. For more information about my band The Cilikis, visit our website at or you can also visit us on Facebook